Soho Chicken

Soy Sauce - For those that believe that sauce is the key to a good wing, you are welcome. Our Soy Garlic Sauce is truly one-of-a-kind, blending perfectly sweetness and savory-ness in each addictive, crunchy bite.

Spicy Sauce - There are people that can handle hot. And then there are people who can handle Soho It’s not that it is spicier than other sauces, but because one bite suddenly becomes twenty wings, sometimes there’s no time for milk.

Fried - Not your every day fried chicken. Fried twice and drained and shaken of excess oil and grease. Seasoned with quality house ingredients, served extra crispy with a side of soy dipping sauce.




Noodle, veggie & assorted seafood in Korean style spicy broth
Udon noodle w/assorted seafood stir-fried in special sweet sauce

Japanese & Korean style Soho Meal
Each Seasoned item dipped in flour battered with egg and fresh bread crumbs. Deep Fried to a crispy golden brown finish.Served with rice, miso soup, salad

Fresh Talapia fish served with house creamy tartar sauce
Served unique house blend sweet duck sauce
Pork Cutlet topped w/mushroom, veggie & gravy sauce  
Served with sweet blend Japanese Worcester sauce
Pork Cutlet covered w/melted cheese, tomatoes & veggie
Pork Cutlet stuffed with melted Mozzarella Cheese
P.C. stuffed with extra sweet potatoes. Served with sauce 


Sushi 2pieces per order / Sashimi 3 pieces per order

tuna $6.50 / $7.50
salmon $6.50 / $7.50
white tuna $5.95 / $6.95
yellowtail $6.50 / $7.50
fluke $6.50 / $7.50
japanese red snapper $7.50 / $9.50
striped bass $5.95 / $6.95
eel $6.50 / $7.50
$5.95 / $6.95
shrimp $5.95 / $6.95
scallop $6.95 / $7.95
octopus $5.95 / $6.95
squid $5.95 / $6.95
sea urchin $7.95 / $9.95
flying fish roe $6.95 / $7.95
smelt fish roe $4.95 / $5.95
salmon roe $6.95 / $7.95
egg custard $4.95 / 5.95
8 pieces of assorted nigiri sushi and tuna roll
18 pieces of assorted sashimi
6 pieces of sushi and 12 pieces of sashimi


tuna, jalapeno and fish eggs on top of shrimp tempura, avocado roll with spicy sauce
Torched white tuna and fish eggs on top of California roll with special sauce
Torched salmon and fish eggs on top of shrimp tempura and cucumber roll with spicy sauce
Avocado and tuna on top of cooked shrimp, Mango and cucumber
Spicy scallop and scallion on top of eel and cream cheese cucumber roll
Eel, avocado and fish eggs on top of shrimp tempura and lettuce
Salmon and tuna on top of tamago, avocado,  cucumber and kani roll wrapped in soybean paper
Yellowtail and jalapeno on top of spicy tuna and eel roll with spicy sauce
 Eel and crunch on top of spicy tuna and cucumber with eel sauce


Pa-dahk - Soho signature boneless tender chicken topped with green scallions comes hand brushed with your choice of soho signature house sauce(soy garlic, spicy, fried, fried seasoned, special) Double fried using fresh boneless.

Fried seasoned - For those searching for a sweet and spicy treat, our fried seasoned is spicy but not too spicy and also has a distinct sweet taste. Sure to satisfy your taste buds with its sweet and spicy kick.

Special - A sweet and sour blend sure to awaken your pleasure senses. A rich blend of sweet and sour flavors. Topped with sesame seeds.


 <2pieces of all flavors except fried chicken>
<mango, tuna salmon and avocado wrapped in marinaded japanese radish> 
<Choose from Cheese, Udon and Seafood>


Assorted sashimi on top of sushi rice
Grilled Eel over rice with thick sweet eel sauce
Chopped assorted sashimi and vegetable on top of rice
Korean style beef babecue in sweet sauce on top of rice


Smoked Salmon, avocado and cucumber
Smoked Salmon, cream cheese and cucumber